Prenatal Care Services

Holy Family Prenatal Care offers a variety of services to its patients to insure healthy pregnancy outcomes. All medical services are provided in a team approach involving physicians, nurse midwives, and nursing staff to provide each patient with the individual care she needs. Our highly-qualified staff includes:

– Pregnancy evaluation and care
Medical providers are experienced Nurse Midwives and Physicians (not Residents)
– 3-D/4-D ultrasound scans
– Sexually transmitted disease evaluation and treatment
– Abnormal pap smear evaluation
– Breast exam and mammogram referral
– Gestational diabetes testing, education and referral
– Flu vaccinations
– Parenting classes
Reproductive health education
– Social worker always onsite
– Post-partum exam including STD screening six weeks after delivery
– Medical Providers are on-call 24-hours for problems or emergencies.

Prenatal Period
Holy Family Prenatal Care provides medical care during pregnancy. Some basic services include: physical examinations (pelvic exam & STD screening), routine laboratory tests, ultrasounds, one hour blood sugar tests, and education. Additional treatment and referrals are provided on an as-needed basis to be determined by the physicians, nurse-midwives, and nurse practitioner. The medical providers are on-call for problems and emergencies 24/7.

Labor & Childbirth
All of our patients receive compassionate care during labor and delivery from one of our midwives and give birth at Miami Valley Hospital. Women desiring natural child birth or a water birth have the option of delivering in the Family Beginnings Birth Center at Miami Valley Hospital if they have a low-risk pregnancy.

Postpartum Period
During the six weeks following delivery patients are encouraged to call for any medical problems or breastfeeding issues they may encounter. Patients should call to schedule a physical exam (pelvic exam & STD screening) five to six weeks after delivery. Women who attend their postpartum appointment will receive a gift basket (if available) containing clothes, diapers, blanket and items for both her baby and for herself.

Social Services
A licensed social worker is available to assist patients in various ways. Social services, individual counseling, and referrals to community resources are provided. Some of the referrals include:

– W.I.C. Food Supplement Program
– Brighter Futures
– Food pantries
– Good Neighbor House