Personalized Prenatal Care

Our Prenatal Care office has been serving pregnant women in the Miami Valley area since 2000. Call 937-228-4492 to schedule an appointment.

Medical services are provided in a team approach to provide each patient with the individual care she needs. We have physicians, a nurse practitioner, and certified midwives available for services. Certified nurse midwives are healthcare professionals who specialize in the care of women during and after the pregnancy and birth process. We deliver at Miami Valley Hospital (Main Campus).

“Calming, supportive & friendly”

“Being able to come here for high quality prenatal care gave me peace of mind”

“Always feel very cared for as a person!”

Where every delivery is special

Personal prenatal care from a team with decades of experience.

P: 937.228.4492
F: 937.228.4495

359 Forest Ave, Suite 202 Dayton, OH 45405