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Our Prenatal Care Office provides personalized medical services during pregnancy and postpartum

Call 937-228-4492 to schedule an appointment! Our highly trained and experienced staff is here to assist you on your journey to motherhood. Our medical providers are on-call for emergencies 24/7. We deliver at Miami Valley Hospital (Main Campus). Our midwives work with you to develop a personal birthing plan that matches your needs and expectations. Women desiring natural child birth or a water birth have the option of delivering in the Family Beginnings Birth Center at Miami Valley Hospital. Our office features a 3-D/4-D ultrasound machine to give you better, clearer pictures of your baby.


  • Pregnancy evaluation and care
  • Physician & midwife medical providers
  • Physical exam
  • Abnormal pap smear evaluation
  • STD testing & treatment
  • Breast exam and mammogram referral
  • 3-D/4-D ultrasound scans
  • Gestational diabetes testing
  • Fetal non-stress test
  • Flu & TDAP vaccinations
  • Reproductive health education
  • Postpartum exam

Parenting Programs

  • Sweet Dreams Program: Earn a new crib and mattress by attending five 1-hour classes. Must be a patient to participate. Call to sign up today!
  • Whole Woman Whole Life Program: First-time mothers can earn a $50 gift card after completing this program to help prepare for motherhood.
  • Earn Baby Bucks: “Baby bucks” are awarded at each prenatal appointment which can then be redeemed for baby items at our baby boutique. The baby boutique carries a variety of items including children’s clothing, cribs, equipment, diapers, formula, etc.
  • Baby Basket: Receive a gift basket at your postpartum appointment. Gift baskets contain clothes, diapers, toys, a blanket and a gift for mother.

Referrals & Assistance: A licensed social worker is available to assist patients including individual counseling, education and referrals.

Uninsured Patients

  • Strong Start Program: Holy Family will provide prenatal care at no charge while your Medicaid is pending. You may still be responsible for bills from outside labs. Call our office for more information. 
  • Medicaid Application Process: Apply for Medicaid online or at your local Job and Family Services. You can download the application here. In order to begin you care, we will need receipt of Medicaid application including your name and date of application. If you need proof of pregnancy, please contact our Women’s Centers. For an appointment or more information, please call our office at 937.228.4492.

Health Education

Holy Family Prenatal Care also offers individual and group classes on a variety of topics in a comprehensive prenatal program that includes:

  • Parenting Skills
  • Infant Attachment & Bonding
  • Infant Safety
  • Fertility Awareness
  • Prenatal Nutrition
  • Breastfeeding/Newborn feeding
  • Childbirth Preparation
  • Baby’s First Year
  • Physical/emotional changes during pregnancy and birth

Reproductive Health Education

At Holy Family Prenatal Care, we believe women have the right to know the truth about how their bodies work. The more knowledge women have, the better their choices. That is what True Reproductive Health is all about: teaching women the truth about their fertility and empowering them to make healthy life choices.

  • Benefits, function and side effects of all forms of birth control 
  • Breast health, including self-exam and discussion of risks for breast cancer
  • Fertility Awareness & Natural Family Planning
  • Prevention, treatment and health effects of sexually transmitted diseases

Sexuality is a beautiful gift from God that enables us to participate in His creative power, bringing into existence a totally new and unique human being…your baby! The information received in classes will help you to understand your fertility and will explain the medical, emotional and spiritual benefits of practicing true reproductive health.

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