Health Education

Holy Family Prenatal Care also offers individual and group classes on a variety of topics in a comprehensive prenatal program that includes:

– Parenting Skills
– Infant Attachment & Bonding
– Infant Safety
– Fertility Awareness
– Prenatal Nutrition
– Breastfeeding/Newborn feeding
– Childbirth Preparation
– Baby’s First Year
– Physical/emotional changes during pregnancy and birth


Reproductive Health Education

At Holy Family Prenatal Care, we believe women have the right to know the truth about how their bodies work. The more knowledge women have, the better their choices. That is what True Reproductive Health is all about: teaching women the truth about their fertility and empowering them to make healthy life choices.

Holy Family Prenatal Care offers videos, classes, and literature on the following topics:

– Benefits, function and side effects of all forms of birth control
– Breast health, including self-exam and discussion of risks for breast cancer
– Fertility Awareness & Natural Family Planning
– Prevention, treatment and health effects of sexually transmitted diseases

Sexuality is a beautiful gift from God that enables us to actually participate in His creative power, bringing into existence a totally new and unique human being…your baby! The information received in classes will help you to understand your fertility and will explain the medical, emotional and spiritual benefits of practicing true reproductive health.

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